About us

Blood Cell Barcelona

Blood Cell Barcelona

Blood Cell Barcelona is the first private hematology institute in Catalonia. Its medical team is made up of a group of professionals renowned at national and international levels, with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases.

BCB is the only institute that conducts prospective clinical trials at an international level. The recognition of its medical team has allowed to launchan ambitious research project whose aim is to further improve and innovate health care through the inclusion of patients in international, multi-center studies, allowing them to have access to new medicines.

BCB i also significantly involved in continued medical education, through the active participation of its professionals in symposiums and national and international meetings.

Blood Cell Barcelona's offices are located at Dexeus University Hospital, a leading medical center in most of its specialties.

What do we offer?

BCB Hematology Institute offers its patients a personalized care and the very best medical service, treating almost all blood-related diseases.

Because of the participation of its professionals in both national and international prospective clinical trials, patients will be offered cutting edge therapies; results of all these investigations will be disseminated by means of the adequate informative platforms to other professionals in the sector.