Dexeus University Hospital

The Dexeus University Hospital is the foremost hospital in many of its specializations and one of the first private university facilities in Spain. It comprises a solid team of 450 physicians and features the latest functional and technological advances characterizing the most advanced medical centers.

The mission of Quironsalud Hospital Group is to provide healthcare and offer quality service to society by managing a cutting-edge hospital facility staffed by competitive, devoted and strongly committed teams.

Research is one of the core activities of the Dexeus University Hospital. All research carried out at the center must be approved by the Ethical Committee for Clinical Research (CEIC), which meets every month, or every two weeks. The Dexeus University Hospital’s CEIC was created in 1994 and is constituted by 13 people.

The Dexeus University's Hospital's clear support to the promotion of research results in a strong commitment by our professionals to offering their patients the best and most innovative treatments.