Medical team

Dra. Amparo Santamaría

Cap de la Unitat d'Hemostasia i Trombosi

Dr. Amparo Santamaría holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery at the  School of Medicine in the Universidad de Alicante, and completed her residence in Hematology and Hemotherapy at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. She is a Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, with cum laude honors.

As additional training she completed a Master's Degree in Health Institution Management at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and another Master's Degree in Health Sciences Statistics from the same institution. 

She has published more than 50 international articles and presented more than 100 papers at different congresses, written more than 20 book chapters on hemostasis and thrombosis, and given more than 100 talks at national and international conferences. She has participated in national and international trials related to thrombophilia, new anticoagulant treatments, and studies on women and thrombophilia. She has also coordinated and given university courses and symposia on women and thrombosis, and thrombosis treatments.

Àrea d'investigació i assistencial

Her ​​research focuses on thrombophilia, both its causes and treatment. During her year-long stay in the USA she joined the Research Project on Gene-Environment Interaction in Thrombosis at the Southwest Biomedical Research Foundation (San Antonio, Texas) for the discovery of new causes of thrombophilia. 

She currently collaborates with a research group in Rome in the study of new thrombophilic and inflammatory causes at the placental level in pre-eclamptic women and those suffering recurrent miscarriages, and the potential role of heparin and aspirin, among other treatment strategies in thi setting.

She is the national coordinator of the Hemostasis and Thrombosis Society’s Thrombosis Group, and the national coordinator of the TEAM Project, which addresses thrombosis in female patients, a pioneering project at an international level, that receives support from multiple Gynecology and Obstetrics societies.

Another of her major areas of interest is the implantation failure in women undergoing in vitro reproductive techniques. She is the national coordinator of the ARTEX Study, a multi-center observational study on improving implants in women with thrombophilia receiving prophylaxis with low-molecular-weight heparin.

She is currently a member of the International Scientific Advisory Board on the study of obstetrical complications with or without thrombophilia, such as recurrent miscarriages, intrauterine fetal death, pre-eclampsia, growth retardation, and abruptio placentae and its treatment.